Classic Game Fest in Austin

This last weekend I went to the Classic Game Fest in Austin. Lots of fun, meet several people on Atariage and made some contacts.

First, I picked up a Sega Genesis with three cartridges from Ianoid of Austin at a real good price. Thanks, Ianoid.

Now, here are some pictures I took of the event.


Sign in the parking deck. This is the first place I ever had to watch for bats when parking.


Some Cosplay.



No idea, but it looked really, really old.



They were selling a Ghost Busters based game (If you couldn’t guess).



Yah! A TI-99/4a. Plus an Aquarius, a Coleco and a very old Channel F.



Some very young kids playing some very old Apple IIs.



Atari 2600 Tank War being played on the very big screen.



All the arcade machines were free (as far as I could tell). I played a game of Tempest. A 10 year old bet me later by 1000000 points.


One thing I thought was really interesting was most of the people there were about the same age as the games machines they were playing on. Goes to show a good game is a good game no matter the age.