Star Wars v. Star Trek : WMD

Well, I said that I would chase white rabbits on this blog as long as it had to do with tech, so here I go.


I watched ‘Star Wars: the Force Awakens’ and ‘Star Trek II: the Wrath of KHAN!!!!’ last week and that got me to thinking, who has the most destructive weapons of mass destruction; Star Wars or Star Trek.

Star Wars: A movie franchise with the word ‘Wars’ in the title, you would expect some fairly awesome WMDs.

The Death Star (1 and 2). The size of a small moon with the power to destroy a planet in minutes. This was the ultimate terror weapon of the empire. The Death Star; decades to build, thousands to man and can only guess at the cost and resources to build and poof, gone in just a few movie frames. But it did manage to blow up one planet. As for Death Star 2, it just popped off a few spaceships before it was blown to bits. Scary but as WMDs go, not very effective weapons.

The Death Star (or Death Planet) from ‘the Force awakens’ was another reboot, I mean, updating of the terror weapon from the glory days of the empire. A planet that was partially converted into a planet destroying weapon. The weapon would suck a star dry then produce three or four beams that could travel through hyperspace to destroy three or four planets. Then, I assume, it would need to move the entire frickin’ planet through hyperspace to the next star to suck dry (if not, this was a very expensive one shot weapon). Again, the massive super weapon got off only one set of CGI beams before it was blown to bits. You know, the empire (and 1st order) sure don’t make very effective (or secure) weapons to be so powerful.


Star Trek:

On the other hand the peace loving Federation (and general Star Trek universe) had some of the most terrifying WMDs known to movie and TV-dom. Here are a few.

The Genesis Device. About the size of a photon torpedo and after the first prototype probably wouldn’t be very expensive to make. Fire this nifty little device at a planet and within minutes the whole planet is reorganized into a new matrix of trees, shrubs and large disgusting looking worms. Wait a few days and the whole thing goes unstable then blows up. Interesting that Kirk’s son was worried about the Genesis Device being developed into a dreadful weapon and in the end, that turned out to be all it was good for.

Tri-lithium. Another little nifty device about the size of a photon torpedo or a very large model rocket (I made some model rockets as a kid almost as big as the one from Generations. Never occurred to me to try shooting it at the sun). Fire this pocket rocket at a star to turn off all nuclear fusion and thus collapsing the star. The resulting shock wave would probably destroy most of the inner planets. Destroy a planet, that’s child’s play, lets destroy a whole solar system!

Red-matter. Destroy a solar system, ha! Lets destroy several solar systems by creating a black hole. A few drops of red-matter will collapse a planet. A vat full of the stuff will create a black hole.  A black hole large enough would rip local solar systems to pieces. More bang for the buck.

Time travel. And the most terrifying weapon in the Star Trek (or any universe) is time travel. Want to wipe out an opponent; just zip around a star quick enough and you can go back in time to zap your opponent’s planet or star and keep it from ever forming. Or if you muck about in time enough, you could disrupt an entire sector of space (as in Voyager episode: ‘Year of Hell’.)

And other WMDs.

In retrospect, I would feel safer in the Star Wars universe than the Star Trek universe. In Star Wars it takes a device the size of a small moon to destroy a planet. In Star Trek, a few drops of red-matter would do the trick. Scary stuff.

That’s it for now, ta.

The Field Mouse






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