Opps and a cartridge shelf

I lost all my pictures for the 7800 mod and just now found them. That is why I haven’t posted part 2 and 3 already. Now I found my pictures I need to write the blog. So while I write the blog here is a short one on a cartridge shelving unit I made for about $20.00, enjoy.

I needed space for my small but growing cartridge stash. I only had a small space in the office to put it so I had to limit the size to about one foot wide. Here is the finished article.


I constructed the shelf out of poplar and pine as that is what Home Depot had that was strong and pre-cut. The shelves were two foot long poplar that I cut in half for one foot shelves. The sides were 4 foot long pine. The back was 1/4 laminate sheet that I had laying around and cut to size.

Here is the cutting of the shelves.


I piled the 4 sheets on top of each other then used a wood clamp to keep it all steady. made 8 1 foot long shelves.

Next I notched the sides using three blades pressed together in a table saw. I first tried a dado blade but didn’t like the results. Three blades made a perfectly sized notch for the shelves. This is a trick my dad taught me. He got it from ‘This old House’. 🙂


next I glued the top and bottom. Since the top and bottom were from the original 8 I cut previous, this made the inside shelves too wide. So I trimmed the inside shelves a little short to fit.


notice the notches in the side.

I then glued in the shelves then glued on a back and two legs.

Now for those who don’t have a table saw you could still make this shelving unit with a few modifications. Instead of grooving out for the shelves I would just nail and glue in place. It would work just as well and still look good. Cutting could be done with any old saw.

There you have it. Quick, cheap and easy.

Enjoy, Field Mouse


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