Some thoughts concerning Star Trek: Discovery

It’s now past the 5th episode of Star Trek: Discovery and I thought I would weigh in on the show that has inflamed passions and angst hearts as bad as the last time that a new Star Trek show came on and did the same (come on guys, it’s just a show).

First off, I enjoy it. It’s not a perfect show by any means and not great Star Trek either. But it is a good diversion once a week and I can think of worse ways of spending a hour.

OK, now that has been taken care of least I be skewered as just a hater, here a some things I really, um, hate, about Discovery.

To begin, cannon and the prime time line.

Is Discovery cannon? Yes. It’s a TV show/movie created by Paramount/CBS the copyright holders and therefore is cannon.

Is it in the Star Trek prime time line? No.

When people think of the Star Trek prime time line they usually think of a line from Ent, through TOS, the movies, TNG, DS9 to Voy. Now there are a LOT of inconsistencies in that time line but, by and large, there is a flow of tech and a, some what, consistent look of ships and aliens.

The JJ verse and Discovery do not conform to this line. The JJ verse admitted it, Discovery has yet to.

The biggest rip from prime is the Klingons. Their ships barely look anything like any Klingon ship of any era. The Klingons themselves are even a more radical departure from the norm then the JJ verse Klingons where.

Still, I’m OK with them not, really, being of the prime time line (or for that matter, the prime universe) I just wish Discovery would admit such.

So the Klingons are not prime universe, lets review them on their own merits. On their own merits, they suck.

The look of the Klingons are, well, comical. Capt. Foley of Trekyards said their faces look like some cheap Halloween mask and I agree. Their metallic faces looks fake and the bulbous, hairless heads are ridiculously proportioned.

Now I have never been a fan of Star Trek’s lumpy foreheaded alien of the week look, but having the aliens look some what human made them more relate-able. It also enabled the actor to express emotions in a fashion that could easily be seen by the viewer. The Klingons face makeup in Discovery is so thick it’s hard for the actors to express facial expressions (that humans clue to to relate to others) and that has made it very hard to care about these Klingons and not see them as nothing more than a one dimensional bad guys. It remember last weeks  ‘love scene’ between the Klingons, I actually started laughing it was so bad.

Another problem is the Klingon clothing. It looks cheaply made to begin with. Take a look at the spikes on the top of the shoulders. The spikes are usually bent over, the red parts look tacked on and the color just not true. In the age of big screen HD TV you really need to get your stuff right.

Also, the clothing is supposed to be threatening look but, personally, I think it comes off a bit effeminate. Threatening is furs, dark colors, large thick knives hanging at your side. These Klingons look more like they are covered with spike laced doilies.

And why subtitles? Half the time they go by so quickly I have to stop and rewind the show to read them. Most of the time I just don’t care.

Enough raggin’ on the Klingons. They suck, their redesign was a bad idea, we all know it, so lets move on.

Now lets discuss the first two episodes, WTF? They were like a completely different show.

My guess is that they WERE a completely different show, the show that Bryon Fuller wanted and when they switched to the new staff they didn’t want to throw away two good episodes so they just left them in. Personally, I think it would been a better idea to have started with the third episode then flash-backed the information later in the story. It would made Micheal more mysterious on what set her on the path to mutiny.

And what good Star Trek review would be complete without a talk about the hero ship. I like the U.S.S. Discovery. I really like it a lot. I  can’t wait till I can buy a model of the ship. There are some nit-picks here and there about it’s fit in the time line but I think it’s nothing that can’t be sorted out. My only minor complaint is, why isn’t it a NX? It’s a test bed for new technology so I would think it should be NX 1031. Minor, as I said.

That’s it for now. I’m going to comment from time to time on Discovery (and maybe the Orville and other shows) as I feel the itch.

So, sit back and enjoy the show.









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