More Parsec for Atari 2600 test: the meteor field

this is the meteor field in Parsec with some changes.

first change is there is no ground for two reasons: 1.) I needed all the sprites for the meteors. 2.) I always thought it looked a little odd in Parsec to see meteors streaming by about 2 feet above the  ground.

second big change, and this is a big one, you can’t shot at the meteors. because of the way I have to have the meteors it was too easy to just sit in one place and blast away clearing a path. in TI99 version you could do the same thing which I always thought was a bit boring. I found having to dodge the meteors to be much more exciting anyway.

speaking of changes in the game I have made a few to accommodate the limits of the Atari 2600 and, also, to improve the game play where I thought it was a bit lame in Parsec. here are some of the changes.

No over-heating laser. first off, it was too much trouble to include but also, I really disliked that feature in Parsec. When I play a shooter it like to, well, shoot. and the concept of your ship blows up if you over heat your laser I thought was rather silly.

there is no refueling tunnel. I have yet figured out how to implement it. all my attempts looked  lousy. it might show up, but i doubt it.

since there is no over-heating laser or refueling tunnel I had to create some way to add a bit of drama to the play. I have did this by introducing a timer on each wave. you have x number of seconds to clear the wave or lose a ship. as the game progresses the timer gets shorter and shorter.

next up is the swoopers which is very, very hard.


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